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Alana And is an independent design studio that curates, designs, styles, and photographs the stories of inspired people, with change-making ideas.


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Alana’s studio is a collection of her experiences, exchanges, transitions, and conversations. Her work is a collaboration of people, and their stories — creating a moment where they come together and stand for something, to be designed with meaning and memory.

Alana’s cumulative experience has seen her become a Designer, Photographer, Illustrator, Writer, and Film-Maker — everything that has led her to specialise in where she is now — Branding.
With this, comes Strategy, Content, and Marketing.

With a background in Psychology, Linguistics, Creative and Professional Writing, and Photography, Alana’s experience in communication studies complemented a newfound curiosity in visual communication. Always having an interest in Design as another medium of thought and expression, it was almost a natural career transition. After studying (BA) Speech Pathology (UQ), (MA) Marketing and Advertising (QUT), Alana graduated from Shillington College of Design and settled into a studio named Josephmark (www.josephmark.com) not long after, where she able to apply her diverse background into specialist products; from art direction and visual strategy to smaller micro-interactions and copywriting.

She’s worked in digital design agencies, product houses, with independent labels, early growth companies, and now — for herself as a freelance creative.

Her process is true to who she is; expressive and explorative, innovative and insightful and this continues to develop through her experiences and collaborations, and often, conversations. At this moment, her strengths are in all the kinds of things she can do, as she continues to explore style, and be influenced by art, literature, and the world of what’s happening around her, curating clients and visual directions that are led only by ‘making good.’

She continues to practice freelance photography,  take on travel commissions from time to time, and move between, or with design projects, working alongside local brands and initiatives —  these projects are most often what you'll see on her website.

She is currently working with Oh Babushka, and freelances for a bunch of different businesses, both locally and internationally across design, photography, brand and marketing.

If you have a brand, a business, or an idea, thought, or feeling that needs defining, say hello.