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Nice to meet you.
I'm Alana.


I'm a multidisciplinary creative from Northern NSW, currently residing between Byron Bay and Brisbane, AU. 
I'm a Designer, Photographer, Illustrator, Writer, Hand Letterer, and Film Maker, though most of my time is spent designing apps and websites, branding campaigns and marketing collateral at a digital design house named Rexlabs, and (formerly Josephmark - wwww.josephmark.com.au) where I specialise in UX/UI, Visual Strategy, and Content.

I've always had an interest in visual communication as another medium of thought and expression, and so Design was almost a natural transition for me.
With a background in Psychology, Writing, and Photography, I transitioned into the Creative Industries, finding that my previous studies in visual media complemented a newfound curiosity in design. I graduated from Shillington College of Design and settled into a studio not long after, where I was able to apply my diverse background into specialist products; from art direction and visual strategy to smaller micro-interactions in content and UI, or onboarding illustrations. 

My process is true to who I am as a creative; expressive and explorative, innovative and insightful and I continue to develop this through my experiences and collaborations, and often, conversations.

I have an unparalleled love of Branding, and I continue to practice freelance Wedding and Event photography through a self-founded business named Lover, Lover, (loverloverstudios.com)  while I work Monday to Friday in Studio, and Freelance (Design, Photography, or more often - both) working alongside local brands and initiatives - these projects are most often what you'll see on my website.

Alana And -
Digital Product Design / UX/UI, 
Motion Design,

Web Design,
Graphic Design,
Visual Strategy,
Art Direction,
Content and Messaging. 

While I'm alot of things, it means that I can move through your product journey with you; from concept, to company.  

If you'd like to access protected sections of my design portfolio, take part in my creative process, or enquire about freelance opportunities, please get in touch! I'd love to hear from you.



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